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EVENT DATE: 2011-07-21 12:00:00
TIME LEFT: -3713 days, 16 hours, 41 minutes, 36 seconds

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IMM Win-Win Games
IMM Win-Win Games

This is a friendly competition between all the participating countries. We want everybody to join and have fun and everybody wins - new friends!

It contains five different disciplines and everybody can participate in three of the competitions and in the other two a team represents the country, where mixed teams receive bonus points.

Competition #1 starts directly after the introduction Friday at 10 pm, directly followed by #2 and #3. Competitions #4 and #5 will be executed by the countries on their own from noon on and for the rest of the day.

The five disciplines

#1 Building the highest tower in 5 minutes.

#2 Rowing teams, 1-7 persons, row a boat a given coarse against the clock.

#3 Tactic dinghy rally between teams from all the countries. Every country

      participates with one dinghy and two teenagers. No motor, the dinghy

      must be rowed or paddled.

#4 Play KUBB against as many different countries as possible during the day.

#5 IMM Quiz with questions about IMM trough the years. Deliver the

     answers at the IMM bar before closing time Friday.



IMM QUIZ Questions

1. IMM is of course shortening for...

What is it shortening for?

2. In the autumn of 1976 there was a meeting in Gothenburg and the first IMM was planned.

Who initiated the meeting?

3. IMM meetings have been organized by Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany and Latvia.

Which country has hosted most IMM?

4. IMM has been at new harbours all of the times but one.

Which place has hosted IMM twice?

5. After some years Germany joined the IMM organizing circle and hosted their first IMM.

Which year was the first IMM held in Germany?

6. IMM 2011 is in the middle of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

Twice before IMM has been in capitals.

In which other capitals has IMM been located?

7. In Stockholm the IMM harbour is very near different amusement parks.

What kind of park was near to Bandholm harbour in Denmark where IMM was in 1985?

8. At the beach close to the harbour in Altefähr in Germany IN 1995 there was an exciting camp.

What was the theme of that camp?

9. This year there has been an attempt of organizing fleet sailing to IMM.

Sometimes there have been races organized to IMM.

Which country has organized most races to its IMM through the years?

10. One IMM was the starting point of a race ending in Nynäshamn, south of Stockholm.

Where did that race start?

11. At Fredrikstad in Norway 2007 all the boats for the IMM Race had to leave the harbour

at the same time.

Why was that?

12. Through IMM history two countries have had 100 participants or more.

Which countries is that?

13. In Riga, Latvia, in 2005, the hosts tried to teach the participants a dance.

What is the name of that dance?

14. 1981 in Stavern, Norway, there were two guests who were editors at a famous multihull magazine.

They wrote very positively about IMM.

From which country were they?

15. Early this year three veteran multihull sailors who participated 1977 had registered.

Since then Bo Rimgren announced that he couldn’t come due to lack of time.

Name one of the other two veterans!



IMM QUIZ Answers



  1. International Multihull Meeting

  2. Helge Ingeberg from Norway

  3. Sweden

  4. Öckerö outside Gothenburg

  5. 1987 in Kiel

  6. Riga and Copenhagen

  7. Safari park

  8. The Middle Age

  9. Norway

  10. 1979 in Bogense

  11. The opening of the bridge

  12. Germany and Denmark

  13. Line dance

  14. USA

  15. Lars Oudrup (Anders Amble)