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EVENT DATE: 2011-07-21 12:00:00
TIME LEFT: -3713 days, 16 hours, 49 minutes, 26 seconds

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The race will take place July 23 in the inner archipelago, close to Stockholm city centre. The course will be 10-15 M. The friendly race will be arranged so all boats can participate, with family crew and children also onboard. There will be a lot of photo opportunities from the quays too!

We will use Texel Rating, version 2011 for rating. You will have to get a Swedish TR registration as follows (it is very easy):

  • Download and fill in the application form and send the complete application to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Information of what should be filled in can be found on the Texel Rating homepage
  • Make sure that you rename the file before submission, by inserting your boatname first
  • If you already have a 2011 certificate issued from another country, please fill in the application form anyway
  • By submitting your application you agree that we publish submitted data, and you will get a Swedish TR number
  • Please enclose a photo of your boat sailing, from the side, to aid in identification during the race, label the photo with the boat name
  • For those that need help to fill in the application, help will be available at the meeting
  • Here is a list of current valid Swedish TR certificates

All IMM boats are encouraged to fill in the application, we want everybody to participate in the race!

Local boats that wants to join the race are also much welcome. They are also requested to fill in the application (see above), and to submit 325 kr to SCTS (this fee will also allow one person admission to the regatta dinner without extra charge, other crew member pay dinner fee as normal). Fill in your boat name as message.

Here are the race instructionsrace course and start time list

July 23:

8.30: Skipper's meeting

9.00: Leave harbor: everybody needs to leave harbor to allow the boats to race. Therefore, everybody may just as well participate in race.

11.00: First start

15.00: Last finish

Everybody is then supposed to tie up again at their previous place in the harbour.

Here are the Results!

And here is the prize-giving ceremony